sábado, 20 de junho de 2015

La pubblicità è l'attività dell'anima.

A propaganda é o negócio da alma.

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2015


"Se ti senti solo, cerca di morire. Le persone ci verrano alla fine."

Se você se sente solitário, exprimente morrer. As pessoas vão aparecer eventualmente.



Let me out
It hurts too much

Where`s the key?
There's no Key
There's your mind
What a...
What's that?
I've brought you something
Oh, that's kind.

A twinge in the stomach
A sarcastic point
A flavour different from yore
Is this a thought?
It's lemon lime
Great stuff
That's mine.
What a bore

Fetch me those flowers
Which ones?
Up there, by the sky
Oh my, look the hour
Stay more
So, drop by
That's a date
And there'll be masks
And no more asks
And no more tasks
Or more poor rhymes

Care to open?
I can't
Oh let me
Stay back
Get aside
Try this
This one?
That's Good
Ginger Bread
Bread Winner


Sometimes I don't believe in what the mirror on the silver lake implies.